Incident Date/Time Type Location Area
show 2019_190823SA01443 08/23/19 08:22 PM 1179-Trfc Collision-Ambulance Responding Sly Park Rd / Ridgeway Dr Placerville
show 2019_190823SA01372 08/23/19 07:22 PM 1182-Trfc Collision-No Inj Winding Way / Glover Way North Sac
show 2019_190823GG03017 08/23/19 07:02 PM 1125-Traffic Hazard Us101 S / Tamalpais Dr Ofr Marin
show 2019_190823GG03007 08/23/19 06:59 PM 1125-Traffic Hazard Sr92 E / Edgewater Blvd Ofr Redwood City
show 2019_190823GG02857 08/23/19 06:21 PM 1179-Trfc Collision-Ambulance Responding Magdalena Ave Onr / I280 N Redwood City
show 2019_190823GG02591 08/23/19 05:14 PM 1179-Trfc Collision-Ambulance Responding Altamont Pass Rd / W Grant Line Rd Dublin
show 2019_190823MY00302 08/23/19 04:15 PM 1179-Trfc Collision-Ambulance Responding Sr1 N / Munras Monterey
show 2019_190823GG02264 08/23/19 03:53 PM 1181-Trfc Collision-Minor Inj I80 E / Sfobb Toll Plaza Ofr San Francisco
show 2019_190823GG02183 08/23/19 03:32 PM 1125-Traffic Hazard Us101 N / Smith Ranch Rd Onr Marin
show 2019_190823GG02119 08/23/19 03:16 PM 1125-Traffic Hazard Us101 S / San Antonio Rd N Ofr Redwood City
show 2019_190823GG02009 08/23/19 02:51 PM 1179-Trfc Collision-Ambulance Responding I80 E / Pittman Rd Ofr Solano
show 2019_190823GG01772 08/23/19 01:37 PM 20002-Hit and Run No Injuries I80 E / Powell St Onr Oakland
show 2019_190823GG01467 08/23/19 12:04 PM 1179-Trfc Collision-Ambulance Responding Us101 N / Us101 N I280 N Con San Jose
show 2019_190823GG01012 08/23/19 09:58 AM 1182-Trfc Collision-No Inj I680 S / Stone Valley Rd Onr Contra Costa
show 2019_190823SA00237 08/23/19 07:44 AM 1180-Trfc Collision-Major Inj 2100 Valley View Pkwy Placerville
show 2019_190823GG00561 08/23/19 07:23 AM 20001-Hit and Run w/Injuries 800 Avenue I San Francisco
show 2019_190823MY00028 08/23/19 04:44 AM 1181-Trfc Collision-Minor Inj Us101 N / Cochrane Rd Hollister Gilroy